Chick Egg

So cute, so easy these little chicks eggs. Materials: Plastic eggs Orange felt 7mm eyes Feathers Tacky Glue Scissors Directions: Cut orange felt into long triangle shape for the beak, and glue onto egg.  Glue 2 eyes just above beak, glue small colored feather to the center back of the egg.  If you want to be able to … [Read more...]

Paint Pen Decorated Plastic Eggs

So much fun to decorate eggs with paint pens or colored sharpie pens, the kids will want to get in on the fun. Materials: Plastic eggs Paint pens or Sharpie pens   Let your creativity out, have fun with poke a dots, squeegly lines, little flowers!! The paint pens seem to give a brighter colors and show up more, but … [Read more...]

Beaded Wire Heart

Add a little love with these simple beaded wire hearts.  Embellish cards, gift bags, or make a Valentine center piece! Materials: Glass seed beads Matching larger bead 24 gauge wire Wire cutters Needle nose pliers Directions: Cut your wire and curl around one end with needle nose pliers to stop the beads from coming off, … [Read more...]

Magazine Beads

Stop... do not throw away that magazine, recycle and make beads.  Yes these beads are just strips of magazine pages rolled into a bead.  Grab some glue and lets make these easy beads.  This is a great project for older children! Materials: Magazine Tacky Glue Scissors Double stick tape squares Plastic cocktail straws Wax … [Read more...]

Hand Print Ornaments

They grow up so fast, cherish the moments!  These hand prints are easy and make great memories, it's much fun to see how much they have grown for year to year and with a picture on the back, it's the perfect keep sake!  You will want to make more than for you, one for grandmother, and one for the scrapbook!  How cute would these hand … [Read more...]

Beaded Glitter Christmas Ornament

Transform a plain glass or plastic ornament into a beaded glittery gem! Materials: Glass or plastic plain Christmas ornaments (no added designs) Mosaic Mercantile (glass tile glue) or Weldbond Glue DecoArt Craft Twinkles in Crystal Paint brush Seed glass beads Glass bugle beads Ribbon 1/4" to cover hanger top Pipe cleaners … [Read more...]


Quick, easy and inexpensive!   Materials: Wooden letters "J" and "Y" Wooden star with small hole for ribbon or fishing line One sheet 12"x12" scrapbook paper or wrapping paper Wreath size of letters Mod Podge Brush Scissors, pencil Acrylic paint (matching paper) Sandpaper Ribbon or fishing line to tie star to … [Read more...]

Snowflake Candle Holder

Every year I love having my holiday candle exchange party just with the girls!  Instead of an ornaments, I came up with exchanging  holiday candle or holder, so everyone goes home with a beautiful candle (and I always make a party favor).  It so much fun, but the twist can not cost more than $8.00!!  So everyone gets very creative, they … [Read more...]

Beaded Wire Circle Charm

My sister ask my to come up with an unique and inexpensive gift that she could give her girl friends who where putting together a big birthday party for her (one of those birthdays with a big number)!  I came up with the Circle of Friendship beaded charm.  It's a wire ring wrapped with seed beads that you slide onto your favorite chain and I found … [Read more...]

Grape Vine Wreath Snowman

How adorable is this snowman made out of grape vine wreaths!  This idea has been around for awhile, but he is so simple to make and fun to add your own personal touches too!  He can hang from your front door or hang him inside.  Even quicker, make him out of green wreaths. Materials: 1 18" grape vine wreath 2 12" grape vine … [Read more...]