Blooming Frayed Fabric Flower

These gorgeous and funky flowers are the perfect accessory for headbands, hair clips, hats, purses, backpacks, shirts, cardigans… there are limitless possibilities!  Follow this simple tutorial and start creating!


There are tutorials for these flowers on tons of blogs and websites; below the method I’ve found to be the easiest way to make them that yields the prettiest results:


– Fabric (to create flower)

– Felt

– Thread

– Needle

– Scissors

– Ruler

– Pin back

-Hot glue (or any type of fabric glue)


Measure 2 inches of width in fabric and tear to create a long strip, approximately 2″x45″. Tearing the fabric instead of cutting is what gives the edges a frayed look.

Fold in the raw edge of both ends of the strip and iron.

Fold the strip in half lengthwise, and iron.

Create the center of the flower by folding the strip back and forth (like an accordion) 3-4 times and secure the folds by running the needle &thread through the bottom (the folded side – not the raw, frayed side) of the folds. Be sure to pull the thread tight to make sure the folds will stay in place.

To form the rest of the flower, use the needle and thread to make a gathering stitch.

Pull your gathering stitch tight,  and start wrapping the strip around the center. I find it’s easier to work in small sections, doing 4-5 inches at a time.








Make sure your stitches are tight and each new “row” of the flower is secured. The back is not going to look pretty, but don’t worry – no one will see it when you’re finished 🙂

Cut a circle of felt that is about the same size as the bottom of your flower. Hand sew the pin back to the felt circle. To make sure the pin back is secured tightly to the felt, sew through each hole in the pin back 3-4 times.

Use hot glue (any fabric glue will work, I just prefer hot glue) to glue the felt circle and sewn on pin back to the bottom of the flower.

Cut a small piece of felt that will fit over the area of the pin back that you just stitched, and hot glue it on.

Hand-fluff the layers of the flower, and trim any loose or unwanted strings.

Your flower is complete!

Pledge of Allegiance Printable

Use this free printable to display your patriotic spirit this summer! It is sized to fit in an 8×10 frame, and would look great displayed on a food table at your party,  but it could also be used for any other crafty Fourth of July, Memorial Day or Labor Day decorating ideas.


For best use, print on high quality photo paper or white card stock.

Printables are for personal use only. By downloading, you agree to the Terms & Conditions of Use.

Red White & Blue Coffee Filter Flowers

Decorate your summer table with these fun and patriotic flowers that kids can create and decorate!

Coffee Filter Flowers


  • White coffee filters
  • Red and blue food coloring
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Water
  • 2 plastic cups
  • Newspaper
  • Vase or container to place finished “bouquet” in


Put red food coloring into plastic cup, and add a small amount of water. Test the color intensity by dipping coffee filter into cup. To enhance color, add more food coloring to cup (in this example, I used 1 bottle of food coloring diluted in about 4 tablespoons of water). Repeat with blue food coloring in second cup.

Fold coffee filters into triangular shapes and dip into cups of food coloring. To save time, fold many filters together and dip. Lay flat on newspaper to let them dry.

To create different looks for your flowers, try the following techniques:

  • Use a small paintbrush to dip into the food coloring and dab onto the filter to create spots or polka dots.

  • Take the triangular coffee filter and fold in half (see picture below). Dip the center into one color (which will create a “stripe”, and then unfold to triangular shape and dip one end in the other color.

After filters are dried, create the flower by stacking 3 coffee filters, pulling them together in the center, and twisting the center.








Wrap pipe cleaner tightly around the twisted area to create a stem.

Add shape and fullness to the flower by carefully separating each filter.

Arrange flowers in vase or container and place on your table to admire!



Fourth of July Fizzy

This fun and fizzy refreshment will be a hit with the kids (and it looks great, too)!

The layered effect of the drinks is due to the differences in each beverage’s sugar content; the higher the sugar content of a drink, the more dense it is. So for our fizzy, the drink with the highest sugar content goes first (with the ingredients used here, the cranberry juice had the highest sugar content), followed by the drink with a lower sugar content (in this case, the Gatorade), and finished with the least amount of sugar (the diet soda). Be sure to use diet soda, since it has no sugar and will “float” well on top of the other drinks.



-Blue Gatorade

-Cranberry Juice

-Diet Lemon Lime Soda



  1. Fill clear glasses (or plastic cups) with ice cubes.
  2. Pour cranberry juice into cup, filling about 1/3 of the cup.
  3. Pour Gatorade next; be sure to pour VERY slowly and pour onto an ice cube so that the drinks don’t mix together.
  4. Fill the remainder of the cup with diet lemon lime soda, again being careful to pour slowly and onto an ice cube.
  5. Garnish with a fun straw and enjoy!


Red, White and Blueberry Fruit Tray

This sweet treat is super-simple and healthy, and will look great on a red, white and blue themed table!

Ingredients & Materials:

  • Fresh strawberries
  • Blueberries – fresh or frozen
  • White mini-cupcake papers
  • Toothpicks
  • American Flag stickers
  • Stars cut from colored card stock
  • Glue


1. Wash strawberries and cut off stem end, so that the strawberry will be able to stand up.

2. Place strawberries in mini cupcake papers.

3. Wrap flag stickers around tops of some of the toothpicks and glue stars to the tops of the rest of the toothpicks (be sure to leave enough room on the lower part of the toothpick for blueberries and the strawberry).

4. Push 2 blueberries onto a decorated toothpick and stick into the top of a strawberry. Continue until tray is full.


Patriotic Pretzel Sticks

Celebrate the U.S.A. with these delicious, festive, kid friendly pretzel snacks!

Makes: 10-12 pretzel rods

Ingredients & Materials:

  • Vanilla Almond Bark (5-6 squares)
  • Pretzel Rods
  • Red, White and Blue Sprinkles
  • Wax Paper
  • Baking Sheet



1. Melt Almond Bark squares in a microwave-safe bowl or cup (microwaving times vary; 45-60 seconds will usually be sufficient). While Almond Bark is microwaving, place a sheet of wax paper on a baking sheet.

2. Dip pretzel rod into melted Almond Bark, truning the bowl/cup as needed to evenly coat the top half of the pretzel.

3. Hold the pretzel over wax paper and pour sprinkles, turning the pretzel so that the sprinkles cover the Almond Bark coated portion.

4. Set pretzel onto wax paper covered baking sheet.

5. When all pretzels have been coated, put the baking sheet in the freezer or refrigerator for 10-20 minutes.

6. Take pretzels out of the fridge or freezer, carefully remove from wax paper and display them in a cute cup or container.


Layered Fabric Flower

Make a fabric flower quickly and easily with just a few steps and basic materials in this tutorial – a template is available for download to make the creation process even simpler. Flowers can be used to dress up and adorn almost anything – headbands, hair clips, barrettes, cards, gift tags, gift bags, shoes, clothes…the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Experiment with different colors, fabrics, beads, and sizes to create a variety of looks for your flowers.


  • Flower circles template {download template here}
  • Scissors
  • Fabric: satin, silk, or organza
  • Candle
  • Matches or lighter
  • Glass beads (any type, color, or size – seed beads are used in this example)
  • Beading needle
  • Thread



Download and print out the Flower Circles Template. Cut out circles from template page, then use the paper circles as a guide to cut fabric into circles.

To singe the edges of the circles (which keeps the  fabric from fraying and also creates a pretty curled-up effect), light the candle and slowly rotate the edge of the circle while holding it near the flame.  Experiment with how close you hold the fabric to the flame and how quickly you rotate the circle to create different looks.

Start with the largest circle (template circle #1), and work from larger to smaller circles, stacking them as you go.

*Tip: for the smaller circles, you may want to use a clothespin or tweezers to hold the fabric over the flame.

After all layers are singed and stacked, sew beads into the middle of the circle (this is also what keeps the layers held together). Use as many or as few beads as you’d like, depending on the look you want your flower to have.

Your flower is complete!

Check out our tutorials that use this flower to embellish cards, headbands, barrettes, sandals, home decor, and gift tags!


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“I Love You” Card with Fabric Flower

Create a card that sends a message of love with simple, clean black text on crisp white card stock paper accented with a handmade fabric flower.







Fold large sheet of white card stock in half to create the base of your card, trimming if necessary to fit in your envelope.

Tear black paper to be slightly smaller than the front of the folded white card stock (about 1/4″ – 1/2″ smaller on each side looks best).  Use double sided adhesive squares to attach to folded card stock. This will be the front of your card.

Cut “Love” page (printed on white card stock) to be slightly smaller than the black torn paper. Center the “love” page on the black paper and use double sided adhesive squares to attach.

Tear or cut a black strip of paper to your desired length and width (the card in this example used a strip that measured 5 1/4″ x 1/2″ ). Use double sided adhesive squares to attach to front of card, beginning in the lower left  corner.

*TIP: If your paper cutter or scissors are a bit dull, they may leave the edges of your card stock looking frayed or fuzzy. To fix this, just use a nail file to gently brush any rough or fuzzy edges. This will leave your edges crisp and smooth! 🙂

Cut “I Love You” phrase (printed on white card stock), and back with black card stock, cut slightly larger (about 1/4″ larger on each side looks best).


Use 3-D foam mounting squares to affix “I Love You” phrase (backed with black paper) to the card, positioning it over the black strip.

Position fabric flower in upper right corner and attach using double sided adhesive. *Fabric flower can be any color, but red really”pops” on the black and white!

Your card is complete! To create an envelope for your card, see the handmade envelope tutorial.



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Flip Flop Gift Tags



  • Flip Flop Gift Tag Template {download template here}
  • Colored card stock (for flip flop sole and strap)
  • Coordinating patterned paper
  • Ribbon or hemp cord – 8″ – 12″
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Double sided adhesive strips
  • 3-D Foam Squares
  • Optional embellishments, such as stick-on rhinestones, decorative buttons, decorative paper or felt


Print out template and cut out each shape.

Use the cut out shapes from the template to trace the following shapes on your papers:

  • Trace template shape #1 onto colored card stock
  • Trace template shape #2 onto patterned paper
  • Trace template shape #3, trace template “v” shape (the sandal strap) onto colored card stock
  • Optional for embellishment: Trace template  flower shape onto decorative paper, card stock or felt

Cut out each shape you traced.

Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the spot marked on template shape #2 (only punch the hole on your patterned paper). Loop hemp cord or thin ribbon through the hole.

Stick a 3-D foam square to the bottom of the card stock strap, as pictured. Then fold corners under, as shown on template shape.

Attach the strap to the decorative paper (#2), being careful to put the mounting square directly over the hole punched. Use double sided adhesive to attach the folded part of the straps to the under side of the decorative paper (template shape #2), as pictured. Next, use double sided adhesive to attach the decorative paper to the sole of the flip flop (template shape #1).

Attach any optional embellishments.

Write or stamp your message onto the back of the flip flop tag. Tie to your gift, and you’ve created an unforgettable original card!

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Scrap Cake Birthday Card

Use leftover scrap paper to create an adorably unique handmade birthday card in this tutorial. You can use extra pieces of scrapbooking paper, or even recycle old birthday or greeting cards by using small strips of them to build a fun & funky cake for the card!


  • scrap paper
  • 8 1/2 x11″ card stock
  • sheet of decorative paper (at least 5×7″)
  • tacky glue (or any type of crafting glue)
  • double-sided permanent adhesive mounting squares
  • paper cutter (or scissors)
  • Optional (for inside of card):
    • additional piece of decorative paper, at least 5×7″
    • ink pad
    • “Happy Birthday” stamp
    • corner rounder


Choose scrap paper pieces to use to create the cake, candle, and flame. Paper scraps that are in the same color family and have varying pattern sizes work best. Small scraps should be at least 1/4″ wide and 3-5″ long.  Also choose a large sheet of card stock to serve as the main part of the card, and a decorative piece of paper to go behind the cake.

Fold large sheet of card stock in half to create the base of your card, trimming if necessary to fit in your envelope.

Cut sheet of decorative paper to be slightly smaller than the front of the folded card stock (about 1/8″ smaller on each side looks best). This will be the front of your card.

Cut scraps for the cake into strips that vary in thickness from 1/4″ to 1/2″. Arrange strips horizontally in the order they will be in to form the cake – don’t worry about length yet.

Tear the top (vertical) side of each strip.


To create the cake, start with the bottom layer; tear a strip of paper on the left and right sides to be about 4″ long. Continue working up the cake, tearing the sides of each layer to be slightly shorter than the strip below it. Glue each strip in place on to the card.  *Tip: use glue only on the bottom edge of each strip, so that the strip above it can be “tucked” in to the top to create a stacked look.



Cut the scrap paper that will be the candle on the cake to an appropriate size and glue on to card.

Use a small scrap of yellow (or orange) paper, and tear it into a flame shape. Glue to the top of the candle.

Attach to the front of the folded card stock using glue or double sided adhesive.

Optional: You can embellish the inside of the card with pretty paper and a stamped happy birthday message as well.

Cut another sheet of decorative paper to fit inside the card (the same size as the decorative paper on the front). Make sure the pattern is not too bright or busy, so that you will be able to see the message you write on the inside. Attach the paper to the inside (right side) using glue or double sided adhesive.

Stamp (or write)  Happy Birthday on another small scrap of paper. Use a corner rounder on the scrap paper (or any other decorative cutting) and attach to the inside of the card using double sided adhesive.

Voila! Your card is complete! To create an envelope to go with your card, see the handmade envelope tutorial.


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