Beaded Eggs

I love glass beads so any time I can find something to bead I’m going to try it!!


  • Smooth foam eggs
  • Glass seed beads (I used a mix of colors)
  • Tacky Glue (I like Aleene’s Tacky Glue)
  • Small box – like the top of a shoes box – you need something to catch the beads
  • Optional: Acrylic paints


For this project you do need to use the smooth foam eggs.  When the eggs are painted it brings out the color of the beads, but you do not have to paint them.

I like using the top of a shoe box to catch the beads, any small box will work. Coat a small area (about an inch square) on the egg with Tacky Glue, sprinkle on your seed beads letting the extra beads fall into the box top.  I like to use my finger to gently pat the beads in place, checking to make sure the beads are flat on the eggs (so you will end up with a smooth layer of beads when finished).  If you spread the glue the in a larger area, keep an eye on the glue, the beads will start to slide!

Ok it sounds like this could take for ever!! But if you work on several eggs at a time it will go faster than you think.

I like to work on 4 to 6 at a time, gluing small areas at a time. By the time you glue an area on the last egg, on the first egg the glue will have set up and you can add more to the first egg and so on.  Just be sure the glue is set up (almost dry) or when your fingers touch the eggs the beads will stick to you.  Once you get your timing worked out, they could come together in an afternoon!

Depending on how much you sprinkle beads at a time, you will want to pour the extra beads back in bag or bowl…and keep beading!

Make sure the glue is dry.

I used the same mix of seed beads for all three eggs, I painted one pink, blue and purple!!  From a 3.5 ounce bag of seed breads I made 5 beaded eggs!

How about making a design with the beads, dots, stripes, or swirls…so many possibilities!

If you like beads, check out how I made beaded Christmas ornaments.

Hope you are inspired!