Beaded Glitter Christmas Ornament

Transform a plain glass or plastic ornament into a beaded glittery gem!


  • Glass or plastic plain Christmas ornaments (no added designs)
  • Mosaic Mercantile (glass tile glue) or Weldbond Glue
  • DecoArt Craft Twinkles in Crystal
  • Paint brush
  • Seed glass beads
  • Glass bugle beads
  • Ribbon 1/4″ to cover hanger top
  • Pipe cleaners or hook for hanging during drying time


This will work on any color of glass or plastic ornaments.  Glue ribbon around the top of each ornament, or glue bugle beads around the top.  Paint a coat of Crystal Twinkles on each ornament, let dry.

Lets talk glue, I do like the Mosaic Mercantile glue the best…but not all craft stores carry this brand.  I order it  Weldbond will work (slower dry time).  You should have not problem finding the Crystal Twinkles, you might want to buy two…I love this paint!

Run a thin line of glue in an “S” shape, and place bugle bead in glue. Let dry before moving on.  (I like to use pipe cleaner for hangers)  If you are making more than one, the glue will set up in less than 10 minutes, so you could make an assembly line and just keep going making several at a time.



Keep going until you have covered the ornament with your design.  Just be careful that you make thin glue lines.

Add 3 red seed beads to each end of the “S”, and 3 green seed beads in center of “S”.

The possibilities are endless!!!





Are you inspired!


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