Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet

This updated version is a twist on the classic safety pin bracelet with a variety of decorative beads that really dress up the bracelet and will have everyone in disbelief that it’s made out of safety pins!

It’s easy to customize this bracelet for any occasion; use your favorite color scheme or create a bracelet with school colors, team colors, or holiday colors. They are great as gifts, and would even be a fun activity for slumber parties!

It’s easier than you think to create your own custom jewelry with supplies you probably have laying around the house!


  • Safety pins – 1″ (you will need quite a few; I used 84 in my bracelet)
  • Head pins (I used 50)
  • Seed beads
  • Larger beads, any color/shape/size you’d like to embellish your bracelet
  • Elastic beading cord
  • Needle-nosed pliers
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors



Slide 2-3 of your decorative beads onto each head pin.

Use needle nosed pliers to twist the end of the head pin into a loop.

Use the pliers to hold the loop you just created, and with another pair of pliers (or your fingers) start wrapping the end of the wire around the wire below the loop (wrap 2-3 times).

If you have extra wire sticking out after wrapping, use the wire cutters to trim it off. Use the pliers to pinch the wire you just cut so that there is not a rough end sticking out.

I made 50 of these using different sizes and colors of beads. These are what will decorate and dress up your bracelet – you can even add charms if you’d like!

Slide seed beads on to safety pins.

Divide your beaded safety pins into two equal groups – set one half aside, and the other half will be used for adding decorative beads in the steps below.

Slide your beaded head pins on to the remaining half of the safety pins. I slid two beaded head pins on some, and just one on others;  this is what sets your bracelet apart and makes it unique – make it your own, have fun, and add beads in any way that you like.

With the pliers, clamp the head of the pin (the part where the pin opens and closes). You want each safety pin to be securely clamped closed, so it will not open up while your wearing it. Some use glue on their safety pins to keep them closed, but I find that clamping it with the pliers is quicker, easier, less messy, and looks better.

Cut two pieces of elastic beading cord, 10″-12″ long each. Make a knot at one end of each cord.

Now,it’s time to string your safety pins: put one of the strings through the head of a pin, and one through the bottom of the pin. For the next pin, reverse it, so that the bottom is facing up and the head is down (of course, make sure that the beaded side of the safety pin is always facing out). Continue stringing your beads, alternating each one – top, bottom, top, bottom, etc.

For my bracelet, I also alternated a pin with just seed beads, then a pin with the extra beads, and so on.


Once all of the safety pins have been strung onto the elastic, it’s time to tie off the ends. Before tying it, check to make sure it will be the size you want but carefully wrapping it around your wrist (I like mine to be a little loose like a bracelet, while others prefer it more snug like a cuff).


To finish your bracelet, tie the top elastic cord by gently pulling it (not too tight, or it will change the size of the bracelet) and securely knotting it. Do the same with the bottom cord.

Slip it on to make sure it’s the size you want. Cut off any extra cord, and your bracelet is complete!




  1. Awesome idea……….they are soooooooo adorable!! :)


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