Candy Corn Jars

Recycle old jars to make the cutest Halloween treat – these would be great to give to friends or teachers around Halloween!


  • Acrylic paint made for glass (Enamels by Folk Art), yellow, orange, white
  • Glitter I used Twinkles Crystal by DecoArt…it’s not as messy as glitter!
  • Gloss Interior Varnish (sealer)
  • Ruler and tape
  • Candy treats


With tape, tape off the center of the jar.  I divided the jar in thirds.  I found by putting a ruler in the jar, it’s easier to keep the tape line straight.

You are ready to paint, paint the bottom yellow and top white.  You will need two coats.  Remove tape and paint center orange (2 coats). Read the directions on the glass paint, you can bake it or air dry (I baked mine).  Next step is to glitter.  I like to use  Twinkles Crystal, which is paint with glitter in it (it’s not as messy as glitter) but you could use white, yellow and orange glitter.  Let dry, then brush a coat of your sealer,  and let dry again. Then just get your treats ready –  I filled clear bags with candy and closed the bag with a ribbon.

Now I’m wondering, what other type of candy can I paint on a jar??   :)


  1. I love candy corn! I dont like to eat it but I love the look! THis is an inspiration to another crafter. Ty. I have so many ideas for candy corn, now I just have to get my back side in gear and get them going! I love the leaf wreath to! So far I really like your site! I am a crafter of 35 years and not many things I have not done in crafts….so keep up the wonderful ideas and I hope you inspire our younger generations to use thier minds and imagination!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Shari! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my site – I hope you’ll visit it again! :)

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