Beaded Eggs

I love glass beads so any time I can find something to bead I'm going to try it!! Materials: Smooth foam eggs Glass seed beads (I used a mix of colors) Tacky Glue (I like Aleene's Tacky Glue) Small box - like the top of a shoes box - you need something to catch the beads Optional: Acrylic paints Directions: For this project … [Read more...]

Flower Punched Eggs

With any fun shaped punch you can create this beautiful eggs in no time! Materials: Small size decorative punch (I used a flower shape) Pretty paper(s) Sequin straight pins or any short straight pin Smooth foam eggs Thimble Optional: Acrylic paint and sequins Directions: I like the look of the smooth foam eggs and you can … [Read more...]

Rag Baskets

Fabric strips, piping cord, a little time and have made a unique one of a kind rag basket! Materials: Fabric - torn into strips Piping (cording) Large needle or large safety pin Masking tape Wire 18 or 19 gauge Scissors Directions: The piping (cording) that I like to use for my baskets is found in craft … [Read more...]

Spring Yarn Wreath

This yarn wrapped wreath is so simple to make and a quick way to decorate with your favorite Springs colors! Materials: Foam wreath form Yarn, your favorite colors in different textures (I used 8 different yarn colors) Scissors Wire or pipe cleaner for a hanger and hot glue if needed Optional: Ribbon for bow, glue, extra yarn for … [Read more...]

Chick Egg

So cute, so easy these little chicks eggs. Materials: Plastic eggs Orange felt 7mm eyes Feathers Tacky Glue Scissors Directions: Cut orange felt into long triangle shape for the beak, and glue onto egg.  Glue 2 eyes just above beak, glue small colored feather to the center back of the egg.  If you want to be able to … [Read more...]

Paint Pen Decorated Plastic Eggs

So much fun to decorate eggs with paint pens or colored sharpie pens, the kids will want to get in on the fun. Materials: Plastic eggs Paint pens or Sharpie pens   Let your creativity out, have fun with poke a dots, squeegly lines, little flowers!! The paint pens seem to give a brighter colors and show up more, but … [Read more...]