Easy Fall Decorations

Decorating for fall is so fun, but with the holidays right around the corner, it’s important that the decorations be easy and inexpensive! Here are 2 super quick (and cheap!) fall decorating ideas:

1. As the weather starts to turn (OK, not so much here in Florida, but surely the weather is getting cooler somewhere!), take advantage of some of those bare branches on your trees by cutting off some of the larger sticks and stick them in a cute vase for a super easy decoration.

2. Next time you’re at the craft store, grab some cloth stem wire (it can be found in the floral section – or maybe you have some left over after making your book pumpkin :) )  and a package of  natural looking decorative filler (the kind used for filling vases & such).

Just hot glue the filler balls onto the ends of the wires, display in a fun vase, and you’ve got a super easy fall “floral” arrangement!


  1. I love these little flowers! Super cute.

  2. geraldine says:

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