Flip Flop Wreath

This easy flip flop wreath is a fun way to say summer is here! Quick and inexpensive to make, 3 pairs of flip flops, glue and a little ribbon. The flip flops were on sale for $1 a pair and I used a coupon for the ribbon, total cost $5.50.


  • 3 pairs of flip flops (I have used adult size small)
  • Glue ( I used hot glue)
  • Pipe cleaner or wire to make a hanger
  • Optional: Ribbon for bow, sea shells


Arrange the flip flops in a circle, with a small over lap for gluing.

When you know which way you are going to hang your wreath, take two of the flip flops, flip them over to a make a hanger (my hanger is going top and center).  Using a pipe cleaner or wire, wrap one end of pipe cleaner around the toe holder and wrap other end around the other shoe (see picture below).

Flip them back over and place back in circle.  Glue (I used hot glue, but any strong holding glue will work) each flip flop to the next making a circle (mine are glued heal to toe).

Give the glue time to set up before moving on to the next shoe.  Once all flip flops are glued together, ready for a bow and or sea shells.  Do not forget to glue together the flip flops that are tied together making the hanger!

I added a simple 6 loop bow, (about 2 yards of ribbon) glued onto the top of the wreath ( I added 3 star fish).

Slide the flip flop wreath onto the door hanger or hook, summer time is here!


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