Halloween Ghost Jars

Save your old jars and give them new life as adorably spooky Halloween decorations! This project is super simple, tons of fun, and they are so customizable – the faces can be made to match your Halloween decor (and the kids might enjoy designing some, too!).

These ghost jars look great as decorations during daytime and even better lit up at night!


  • Jars any size, shape (remove labels and clean)
  • Black felt (one 9″ by 12″ felt square was plenty for 8 ghosts)
  • Double stick tape (clear)
  • Cheese cloth  (1 1/2 yards will 5 to 6 ghosts)
  • Scissors
  • Battery-powered tea lights (with these there’s no worries about fire)

Make sure your jars are clean and all the labels are removed. If you are having trouble removing the sticky part of the label, try Goo Gone.

Since I’m using the battery tea lights instead of regular candles, the big guy is actually a plastic apple juice container!  I cut the top off with my kitchen scissors (of course, you would not want to use plastic containers if you were using candles with an actual flame – big time fire hazard!!).

Some of the other jars are from pasta sauce, olives, and jelly… any jars will work!

You can find cheese cloth fabric at Jo Ann Fabric, for about $3.00 per yard.  Cut the gauge into strips, 1 1/2″ to 2″ (not to small or  the gauze will fall apart).  Start wrapping the jars, use the clear double stick tape to hold the gauze in place.  You will want some over lapping, I think they look best with about 2 to 3 single layers.  Play with it until you get the look you like, don’t forget the top area.

Now for the fun, out of black felt, cut out ghost faces. Depending on the age of your kids, they may enjoy drawing and cutting out some of the ghost faces (or maybe just drawing if they’re too young for scissors!).  A small piece of tape will hold them in place, and you’re done!

Turn on the battery tea lights and don’t get too scared! :)

Yes that is one of those cheap spider rings that I cut off the ring part of… he just looked like he needed a spider on him.  The tall skinny one, I glued two jars together, making a taller jar.

I love that these fun ghosts look great by themselves or with other decorations, during the day or lit up at night! They’re one of my favorite Halloween decorations! I think my favorite place to display them is on the windowsills of the front windows – they look so cool all lit up, and everyone that passes by can see them, too! :)


I’m sharing this with Tip Junkie & Happy Hour Projects.


  1. what a wonderfully creative idea ! Love them

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on halloweenn decorations.

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    I really loved this idea and blogged about it here: http://www.pressprintparty.com/diy/5-super-easy-halloween-decorations/


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