Halloween Ribbon Wreath

This is the fastest wreath you will ever put together!  This ribbon wrapped wreath can be make for any holiday or special event – I love this because the possibilities are endless. It looks great hanging on the door, also hanging in a window, or the back of the hostess chair, and even as a centerpiece with a glass hurricane and candle in the center of it.

The hardest part of this whole project is picking out which ribbons to use!


  • Foam wreath
  • straight pins (I use .75″ sequin pins, you get 300 for $1)
  • Ribbon (a fun mixture of  patterns and solids and in varying widths)


Gather up your ribbon and let’s get started! Cut your ribbons into 6 1/2″ pieces (that is the size of my wreath when ribbon is wrapped around, check your size before cutting).  You will need about 40 pieces of ribbon (save some for a bow).  Start wrapping, using pins to hold in place.  I overlapped some and even added ribbon pieces on top of others.

Be creative and have fun.  If you want to add a bow, use the pins to hold it in place.  By adding a ribbon piece to the back again use the to hold you can make a hanger.

Now this is what I love – when you are finished displaying the wreath,  pull the pins out and save, put ribbon pieces (and bow) in bag with label and save for next year.  Your wreath is ready for the next holiday….or birthday….baby shower….like I said, endless possibilities.





  1. i made the lovely wreath, and used fabric… loveloveloveit!

    but i noticed those cute ‘pumpkins’ next to the wreath in one of your pictures… how did you make those … looks like readers digest???!!!!


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    […] This Halloween wreath is more my speed, but the wreath in the featured picture is actually a pretty easy looking DIY project (under $15)! I love wreaths for decoration, they add such a nice touch and (especially like the link of the first wreath) many of them can be reused for any occasion! […]

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