“I Love You” Card with Fabric Flower

Create a card that sends a message of love with simple, clean black text on crisp white card stock paper accented with a handmade fabric flower.







Fold large sheet of white card stock in half to create the base of your card, trimming if necessary to fit in your envelope.

Tear black paper to be slightly smaller than the front of the folded white card stock (about 1/4″ – 1/2″ smaller on each side looks best).  Use double sided adhesive squares to attach to folded card stock. This will be the front of your card.

Cut “Love” page (printed on white card stock) to be slightly smaller than the black torn paper. Center the “love” page on the black paper and use double sided adhesive squares to attach.

Tear or cut a black strip of paper to your desired length and width (the card in this example used a strip that measured 5 1/4″ x 1/2″ ). Use double sided adhesive squares to attach to front of card, beginning in the lower left  corner.

*TIP: If your paper cutter or scissors are a bit dull, they may leave the edges of your card stock looking frayed or fuzzy. To fix this, just use a nail file to gently brush any rough or fuzzy edges. This will leave your edges crisp and smooth! :)

Cut “I Love You” phrase (printed on white card stock), and back with black card stock, cut slightly larger (about 1/4″ larger on each side looks best).


Use 3-D foam mounting squares to affix “I Love You” phrase (backed with black paper) to the card, positioning it over the black strip.

Position fabric flower in upper right corner and attach using double sided adhesive. *Fabric flower can be any color, but red really”pops” on the black and white!

Your card is complete! To create an envelope for your card, see the handmade envelope tutorial.



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