Kitchen Message/Menu Board

Give new life to an old picture frame by painting and re-purposing it as a fun message board for the kitchen that can display the your menu, wine selections, inspiring quotes, or anything you’d like. This creative board uses dry erase markers, so messages can be easily wiped clean and replaced!

When choosing a materials for this project, keep a few things in mind: choose a frame that is appropriately sized for the place in your kitchen you’d like to display it (I used an old 8×10 frame for mine), and make sure the frame has glass (to write on with the dry erase markers). Also, when choosing decorative paper to go behind the glass, pick a one with a pattern and color scheme that are not too dark or bold, so that the messages you write will be readable.


  • Old picture frame (any size – this example uses a 8×10)
  • Sandpaper (fine)
  • White spray paint (for a base coat)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Small paint brush
  • Decorative paper (scrap booking paper, wall paper, wrapping paper… any type of pretty paper will do)



Choose the frame you want to use, and take it apart, being sure to save the glass and any inner cardboard.

Sand the frame and wipe off all dust and debris so that you’ll have a clean painting surface.

Spray a light, even coat of white spray paint over the frame. *Tip: I used spray paint because it’s quicker than hand-painting a base coat; if you don’t have spray paint on hand, you can always paint a base coat with your chosen acrylic paint.

Allow paint to dry. Lightly sand wipe off any dust from the sanding.

Apply an even layer of your chosen paint to the frame.

Let dry, and if you want a distressed or weathered look, sand again and dry brush or use a rag to rub on another layer of paint.

Cut your decorative paper (or fabric) to fit, and put it into your frame (be sure to clean the glass before reassembling).

Your message board is ready to be written on with dry erase markers – your family and guests will love getting to see what’s for dinner! :)

*If you like the way mine turned out, here’s the specific paint and techniques I used:

After spray painting, I brushed on an even coat of Delta Creative Ceramcoat in Maple Sugar Tan. After it dried, I lightly sanded it, wiped it off, and used a rag to quickly apply Delta Creative Ceramcoat in Black Green, not being too careful to apply evenly so that some of the color underneath was still visible in spots. Lightly sand again – the more you sand, the more distressed it looks.


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