Magnetic Wall

Transform a blank wall into a fun and decorative place to showcase your child’s masterpieces by making a magnetic wall!

It’s so simple – just paint the desired wall with magnetic paint (which you can find at any craft store or home improvement store), and then paint the wall whatever color you’d like with regular wall paint. The wall will now be magnetic, and you can stick anything to it with magnets! You can really dress it up by hanging empty frames on the wall, and designating each child a frame of their own to hang school work, art work, etc. And because it just uses magnets, it is super simple to change out the displays as often as you’d like!

This idea is fun because it’s so customizable –  it will look adorable in any room of the house, and you can paint the wall and the frames to match any decor. From simple and modern to eclectic and funky, this is a fun way to feature your children’s work as a part of your home decor!

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