Pillow With Button Letter

Add some charm with buttons!  Make your own pillow or add a button letter to pre-made pillow.


  • Fabric to make a pillow (1 yard for 18″ pillow) or ready-made pillow
  • Buttons in different sizes
  • Needle
  • Thread and DMC floss (cross-stitching thread)
  • Paper to make your letter pattern
  • Dressmaker’s Marking Pencil or chalk
  • Pillow form (inside stuffing) I’m using a 14″
  • Ruler
  • Sewing machine, scissors
  • Embroidery hoop (optional)


Start by cutting your pillow front in a 19” square ( I’m making an 18″ pillow with a pillow form of 14″). For the back cut two pieces 19″ by 12″.  This is going to be a simple pillow with an opening in the back for the pillow form to slide in.  On a piece of paper draw out and cut our letter, I’m doing an R.  Place on top of our 19″ front of pillow, when you have it centered or where you want it, trace the outline with the marking pencil or chalk.

Now I have my R outline, with matching DMC floss (or thread) do a quick stitch on a chalk line to outline the letter.

I’m leaving the outline of the R on my pillow but if you want to do a quick stitch with thread and then pull out the thread after you sew those buttons that also looks good.  By doing the stitched outline it makes it so much easier.

Now for button fun.  Use your paper letter as a pattern for your buttons.  This will help you see where the buttons should be sewn and just how many buttons you need before you start sewing.  I did not use an embroidery hoop, I think it would have made it easier to sew on the buttons.

Start sewing buttons and more buttons.  I found when sewing that I needed to shift and add or move some buttons from how I had them on the pattern.  Notice that I stacked a smaller button on top of larger ones.

Now we need to make the pillow.  First, turn back twice and sew down the 19″ side of each back piece.  Place the front of the pillow right side up and place on back piece on top with the right sides together.

Now place the other back piece on top, pin in place, and sew all four sides.  Turn the pillow right side out and lay it flat (maybe iron around the edges).  With a ruler and chalk mark each corner 2″ in and down (remember I’m using a 14″ pillow form for the inside).  Sew all four sides of the pillow 2″ in, this will make a 14″ square in the center.

All that is left to do is slide in the pillow form and enjoy.

How cute it would be to sew a button letter on a fabric purse or tote bag, too!