Quick & Easy Festive Fall Candle Holders with Beans

This is a quick and easy way to add a touch of fall to your table.

I did a layer each of popcorn, dried red kidney beans and dried green split peas, then tied hemp around the the vase.  Check out the dried bean section in the grocery store on your next visit.

This candle I glued a band of the dried green split peas on the candle, then tied hemp around it.

If  you have left over dried beans, let the kids make Christmas ornaments (it’s not too early to be thinking about Christmas decorations, is it?!?).  Glue beans to card stock or post board cut into shapes, then spray paint.


  1. Susan Ewell says:

    Where can I find the vase that has the dried peas,kidney beans and popcorn in it?

    • Susan,
      I found the large glass vase at Michael’s they had this style in three sizes, I have seen them at Jo Anns from time to time. Remember to take coupon with you (I love the coupons), and this week Jo Anns has out a 50% off coupon (I’m sure you know that Michael’s will take a Jo Ann coupon)!!!
      Thank you,

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