Spring Yarn Wreath

This yarn wrapped wreath is so simple to make and a quick way to decorate with your favorite Springs colors!


  • Foam wreath form
  • Yarn, your favorite colors in different textures (I used 8 different yarn colors)
  • Scissors
  • Wire or pipe cleaner for a hanger and hot glue if needed
  • Optional: Ribbon for bow, glue, extra yarn for pom poms


Once you have your yarn picked out, start with any solid color and start wrapping.  You do not want to pull tight on the yarn while wrapping.  Keep wrapping all the different colors until totally covered!

With a pipe cleaner or wire make a hook for hanging the wreath.  I just pushed the ends of the wire into the foam wreath, and added   little hot glue if needed.

Make simple yarn pom poms in different colors and sizes and add to your wreath!

Or add a bow and done!

Hope you are inspired!

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