Pine Cone Deer

Y How cute are these little deer? Just pine cones, sticks, and glue, add a red pom pom nose or a jingle bell, couldn’t be easier.  The kids will love helping find the perfect pine cones and sticks!! Materials: Pine cones of different sizes, and not broken or too old Sticks and branches for legs … Read more

Fall Wreath with Felt Rosettes

Get into the spirit of fall with a unique and handcrafted wreath in warm autumn colors! This fall wreath is super easy and very inexpensive to make – I purchased everything to make this wreath for under $10!   MATERIALS: Rosette Template {DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE HERE} Grapevine wreath Felt (in various colors – use any colors you’d … Read more

Frosted Glass Candle Holder

With a can of Frosted Glass spray paint, stickers, decorative punches, and a glass vase or recycled jar, the possibilities are endless! Materials: Frosted Glass spray paint Glass vase, candle holder, glass jar Stickers Decorative punches Directions: I’m using two sizes of snowflake punches.  Punch out the stickers and firmly place them on the outside … Read more

Pillow With Button Letter

Add some charm with buttons!  Make your own pillow or add a button letter to pre-made pillow. Materials: Fabric to make a pillow (1 yard for 18″ pillow) or ready-made pillow Buttons in different sizes Needle Thread and DMC floss (cross-stitching thread) Paper to make your letter pattern Dressmaker’s Marking Pencil or chalk Pillow form … Read more

Recycled Fall Wreath with Painted Paper Bag Leaves

This fun, kid-friendly project is a great way to reuse those old paper grocery bags and decorate them for fall! MATERIALS Leaf template {DOWNLOAD LEAF TEMPLATE HERE} Large paper bags Paint (in fall colors – I used red, yellow, brown, and gold) Hot glue and/or double-stick tape Wire (26 gauge) Styrofoam wreath Burlap or ribbon DIRECTIONS … Read more

Halloween Ribbon Wreath

This is the fastest wreath you will ever put together!  This ribbon-wrapped wreath can be made for any holiday or special event – I love this because the possibilities are endless. It looks great hanging on the door, also hanging in a window, or on the back of the hostess chair, and even as a … Read more

Magazine Art

Recycle your magazines into art! After making flowers from magazine pages and seeing all the color possibilities I wanted to see if I could make a picture for my hallway using only the colored pieces from the magazine page!  With time, patience, and some Mod Podge I made this!   Materials: Old magazines (6 to … Read more

Magazine Rosette Flower Topiary

This is so much fun and easy to make rosette flowers from an old magazine!  The look of these rosette flowers is so unique you will have to look twice.  This ball topper “topiary”  looks great sitting on a vase, bowl, or large candle holder. Materials: Old magazine Scissors Tacky glue Hot glue Toothpick Large … Read more

Beaded Wire Circle Charm

My sister asked me to come up with a unique and inexpensive gift that she could give her girlfriends who were putting together a big birthday party for her (one of those birthdays with a big number)!  I came up with the Circle of Friendship beaded charm.  It’s a wire ring wrapped with seed beads … Read more

Glass Bead Necklace

Shopping in the mall I saw all the fun and colorful jewelry for summer and saw the prices!  I always keep Jo An Fabric and Michaels coupons in my car for this reason, I need to stop and get some glass beads and cord.  Glass beads cost me $3.00 for a bag(a lot of beads!), … Read more